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If I planned Starbucks seasonal coffees

Starbucks CoffeeIt is November 1 and the Christmas-themed drinks are already being offered at Starbucks.  While I love a pump of the Sugar-Free Peppermint in my Cafe Americano and wish it was offered year round, I feel like so many holidays like Thanksgiving always gets overlooked.

If I could control the seasonal offerings at Starbucks and give equal playing time to the seasons, here are some flavor combinations that would work wonderful and change monthly.

January – Chai or Buttered Rum, something sweet and warming for the dead of winter
February – Mocha Strawberry, just like chocolate covered Strawberries for your Valentine
March – Spearmint, and of course it wouldn’t hurt to toss some green food coloring into the milky froths for St. Patrick’s Day
April –  English Toffee and Peanut Butter Mocha, almost tastes like Easter candy to me
May – Iced Coffees, time to cool down as the weather heats up
June – Green Tea Lemonades, extra spin-off flavors like acai berry or pomegranate optional
July – Coffee Floats, adding a scoop of ice cream never killed anyone
August – Coconut, an island vacation for your coffee
September – Salted Caramel, since it is the height of apple harvests afterall.
October – Pumpkin Latte.  Does this need explanation?
November – Cranberry Chai, or something fun to get you amped for holiday dinners
December – Peppermint Mocha, Gingerbread and Egg Nog, all big holiday favorites for the Christmas shoppers and home brews out there.

This is just my first stab at a unique take on each month, taking advantage of all the major American holidays and months of the year.  So, what am I missing?

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  1. fox says:

    the ‘unsweetened iced green tea lemonade’ is my favorite of the summertime. Starbucks offerings (even though i sound like a. jagoff every time i say it lol)

    I like the idea of cranberry for thanksgiving, as i feel like pumpkin gets the. september through. december market a little too much.

    And i cant figure out why my damn phone is inserting punctuation and deleting spaces where it shouldnt, grrr.

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